Friday, May 24, 2013

Futility of IPL cricket ..

End of the dirty IPL and beginning of a fair and safe IPL ..

The day when IPL started, six yers ago, on purely commercial grounds, Indians were suspicious that this is an import from the West of a materialistic culture of gambling, betting, fixing, high money, women, huge stakes, terror and criminal conduct.

Except for terror, all other things have been corroborated by the events of recent weeks. The events point to IPL being associated with all sorts of bad things and vices. Our youngsters are slowly getting into betting culture on IPL matches. Do we need such a culture in our country ?

It is just a matter of days, before a terror link also surfaces which is pointed as the reason for Indian cricketers and their cronies being pressurised to indulge in betting and gambling.

Serious Indians who have been brought up watching the gentlemen's game for five days or even the one day edition and thoroughly enjoy it, find this game very menacing. The game has now been reduced to just how strong and fit one is and how far one can hit the ball and get as many runs in 20 overs. 

Either the Govt take over the functioning and see that the stakes are controlled or limited, with each player signing a declaration of non-corroboration in unfair means or ban the game from Indian soil for ever.

We already have enough social, economic and developmental problems in hand and this is the last thing any serious lover of the game would want to happen to cricket. Depending on how much eggs one has eaten that morning , the player comes to the ground and hits the ball blindly and wildly, without any skills, all across the ground - this is what we see. There is rarely any application of skills and intellect in this version of the game. It is intellectually demeaning to watch this version any more. Please do not challenge our intellect by making us watch it any more.

The big names of Indian cricket like Gavaskar, Srikanth, Vengsarkar, Ravi Shastri, Harsha Bhagle (commentator) etc are so quiet on this incident. They have been gagged from expressing their opinion. They are probably scared that if they talk, they may get dragged into the controversy. Big money is fast money, attractive at the same time, treacherous and vulnerable ..

Not a single big Indian or international cricketer has come in the open to support this betting game.. We need a new set of cricketer gentlemen at the helm of the game ..

IPL - not worth wasting our time ..


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