Friday, April 26, 2013

why US should never worry on gunshot deaths ..

310 million firearms for a population of 314 million ..

Every year for the past ten years on an average about 30,000 people are killed from gunshot wounds. Though two thirds of this is related to suicide, this is indeed a big figure. Considering annual death rate of 8.3 deaths per 1000, it says that if you are in US, there is a 1.17% probability that you will be lucky to die of a gunshot wound..

In the past three years from 2010, only ten people have died from terrorist violence, of that 6 were sikhs in a Nevada sikh gurdwara last year. 90,000 people from gunshots compared to 10 from violence. ie. ratio of gunshot deaths to terrorist deaths is 9,000 : 1

For US senators, Congressmen and the sluggish, somnolent citizens, it is just misplaced priority or inability to infer from the writing on the wall .. In their over zealousness to control the world and other citizens, they dare anyone else even to raise a finger at them .. What an empty-headed, dumb, nescient approach after all !! US does not need any outside terrorist to kill their people, there are home grown terrorists in their own people out there to kill them ..  

Those with intelligence, read the writing on the wall !! No pressure from any country or people, only if you have it and you don't want to die like a dog ..


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