Friday, April 12, 2013

Hope Indian Navy handles this issue professionally ..

In one incident we have the likes of Lt. Cdr Abhilash Tomy circumnavigating the world and bringing honours to the country. In other incident, which is likely to bring great world shame on the inside happenings in the Indian Navy, corruption at the highest levels and wife swapping have been reported among the senior Naval officers at Kochi and as a bait to young ambitious officers looking out for promotions, Urgent action is needed from the authorities.

Though the network of senior naval officers as reported had tried their best to silence the wife of the officer who was being harrased continuously to give in to the demands of the seniors and who stoutly refused, this incident is a damning one for the Indian navy. Indian Navy supposed to be a professional group of sailors, the Defence setup has to act fast and court martial the offenders in this heinous crime..

Hope the Defence Minister does not take a lackadaisical go cool attitude on this news and instead acts with great haste and urgency to cleanse the system of all deviant behaviours.

As a loyal tax payer who is paying salary to these sailors who are supposed to provide security and guard my land shores from foreign powers, how can I rest assured that the shores are in safe, competent hands ?

Let us have an impartial probe and identify and eliminate all moles in the system out there to malign a system for personal aggrandisement.


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