Friday, April 05, 2013

Is North Korea any threat at all ?? Why this belligerence ?

It is interesting to see the posture of North Korea threatening to bomb US cities and wipe them off the surface of the earth.

Economic analysis : 
It makes sense if we analyse the financial might of the Koreas. South Korea in spite of its huge industrial base has a GDP of just $ 1.12 trillion, ie. $1120 billion .. This is just 0.58 of India's GDP of $ 1.95 trillion, 19% of their very immediate neighbour Japanese GDP of $5.87 trillion, 15% of another neighbour Chinese GDP of $7.13 trillion and barely 7.5% of US GDP of $15 trillion.

How big is the north Korean economy ? With a GDP of $ 40 billion it is just double that of  Afghanistan at $ 20 billion and 19% of Pakistan GDP of $211billion.

Then why is North Korea making so much of a noise and why is the world taking note ?

Military threat :
First of all it is the military threat, more specifically , missiles.. 

Though the North Korean missiles have been developed clandestinely with Chinese help, the nuisance value it poses is grave.

How big is the North Korean nuclear threat ?

North Korea does have a nuclear bomb, but not the potential to deliver it to any part outside the country.. Which means it can show the might by detonating it within the country itself. With approximately 1000 centrifuges, a rather advanced Uranium enrichment facility and good quantity of Uranium reserves, North Korea can be a threat in another twenty years, if unchecked, but not as of now.

Why is North Korea resorting to this rhetoric and frequent posturing ? Why is it upset with itself ?

Coming under Communist rule after its partition in 1945, North Korea has had one party rule and low industrial growth. It has lagged behind its neighbour South Korea and is now just 4% of South Korean economy. To cover up its exasperation and the failure of the one-party Communist rule, North Korea frequently takes up such rhetorics and posturing to remind the world that Communism is not dead yet ..

It is just a worm on the ground ready to be squashed by the shoes of a runner ..

Let us not give much importance to its claims and boasts. But all the same, the rest of the world has to be aware of the nuisance this prick in the world stage can cause.


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