Saturday, April 06, 2013

Interesting developments in Korean peninsula ..

The silly petty posturing by the Communist North Korea ( GDP of $ 12 billion) with its Southern component of South Korea (GDP of $1200 billion) is there for the world to see.

To divert the attention from the failed communist policies of North Korea ( a rogue nation patronised by China), it is trying to put the blame on its bad fortune and its problems on the West and South Korea .. Cartoon from The Economist ..

If it dares to launch any petty missile on the South, the world can see a country being wiped out from the surface of the earth in a matter of hours.  But what does the poor people of North Korea do ? Their autocratic leaders are so dumb, the kid Kim Jong Un, does not even know what he is talking or doing..

The next 24 hours can be interesting for the world if the silly posturing of Kim Jong Un continues and finally we may see North Korea backing out saying that in the interest of world peace they do not want to initiate a war.

The petty posturing from North Korea is a shame and blot on the whole civilized world .. It sends strong signals to the outside world of their conclusive and decisive acceptance of defeat ( even Afghanistan is twice prosperous as North Korea) and of the failed attempts of the dictator and his cronies to continue to cheat the people of his country yet again ..

For the sake of the people of North Korea and its future, stop this bluff once for all !!


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