Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Industry analysis presentations ..

Over the past two days for seven hours, I had the good opportunity to listen to MBA sem 2 students of Alliance University presenting fourteen Indian Industry analysis reports. The industries were very diverse from telecom to hospitality, Banking, Life Insurance, Management Consulting, Cement, Real Estate, Textile, Paint, Computer, Aviation, Newspaper, Broadcasting and Retail Industries.

It was an eye opener and offered lots of information to me. The students did a SWOT analysis, PESTEL analysis, computed the HHI Index and gave their view on the future outlook for the Industry as part of the presentation. Overall the scenario is quite bright and does not look that bleak.

If we as Indians are able to deliver clean governance and good leadership for the country, we can march to be the second biggest economy of the world, even the first economy, given our firm foundation in human rights, democracy, rule of law, secular framework, an army in the barracks and talented intelligent workforce.


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