Thursday, April 18, 2013

The greatest innovators of all time - the Chinese ...

China has been a land of innovations since time immemorial .. The most potent has been the gun powder which was properly exploited by the european colonisers to colonise East and North America ..

What is the secret behind the Chinese innovative mind ?

Getting into the psyche of the Chinese, was it

a. necessity of products and services because of a huge population,
b. inborn creativity of the people,
c. an innate desire to do things better, efficiently  and with least effort,
d. less of internal conflicts and lots of peaceful times for creative thinking and pursuits during the 5 to 6 millenia of its existence,
e. a strong belief in societal knowledge than knowledge for personal benefit and wealth as observed in the West,
f. a less individualistic and more community based orientation,
g. a philanthropic mind set,
h. stress on discipline and orderliness or
i. great spirituality ?

What could have been the reason for China having contributed so much to the world ?

What more do you need, the most exhaustive from A to Z ...

Compass, printing press, gun powder and paper, the biggest of them all ...

The world can never be less thankful to China for their inventive, ingenious, creative mind .. ..


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