Friday, April 05, 2013

612 indians have black money stashed abroad ??

Damining investigation by ICIJ ( International Consortium of Investigative Journalists) have revealed that 612 Indians cutting across businesses, politicians and professions have stashed money abroad ( literally called black money) and their names have been made public..

Vijay Mallya, Rahul mammen Mapillai (MRF), Mirchandanai ( Onida), Mittal, Oswal etc figure in the list ..

At least let these anti national elements be proceeded against as per law.. If not the common man will come to believe that the govt has the guts only to fight the small fish and not chase the large sharks. It definitely will improve the image of the govt and the opposition. Most of these people may be funders to the politicians and hence politicians dare not raise a finger against them.

These criminals are the people who drain the country of resources and go and speak in public forums of the problems facing the country and how to solve them.

What comes next ? Our politicians would do well to stall the parliament over such allegations and ask that action be taken against them. Why is it that Indians have a secret passion to stash black money abroad when they find their fellow Indians passing through such great hardships and diseases within the country ? Have we become so much selfish that we only think of grabbing the money which should have gone to the poor man and not care about him..  ..

It is a very poor understanding of the greatness of our culture and inherent traces of insincerity and immoral behaviour running through the family of these people that forces them to resort to such mean, selfish steps. 

Good Luck India !! Shouldnt we group all these anti-national elements with Dawood Ibrahim and such blood trafficking criminals ? Criminals be they from blood money, drug tarfficking , human trafficking or money stashing without paying proper taxes to the government, they are all anti-nationals. Day by day we find the list of anti-nationals and criminals in the country are growing long, latest by 612 people..


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