Friday, February 22, 2013

What is Simplex in the Simplex Method in Linear Programming of George Dantzig ..

Simplex is a tetrahedral space of n-dimensions ( from wolfram mathworld ) or in other words a multi-dimensional space.

Ever since Linear Programming was developed by the Russian mathematician Leonard Kantorovich, A Russian Jew, in 1939 and the Simplex Method developed by George Dantzig while at UCB in 1947, Operations Research and Simplex method has been a main staple diet in all Quantitative courses in all universities around the world.

Leonard Kantorovich ..
Prof. George Dantzig

In India, even management students have to study the LPP and Simplex method to clear the course on Quantitative techniques.

The sad part is we remember Prof George Dantzig for the Simplex Method but rarely Leonard Kantorovich as the father of Linear Programming ..

A doc proclaiming the greatness of the mathematician, Kantorovich ..

The incident is a proof that academic apartheid existed in the field of higher education, where Russian mathematicians were not given enough importance by the Western mathematicians, for a long time. He was finally recognised in 1975 with  Nobel Prize for Economics. CIA dossier on Kantorovich ..

Prof George Dantzig's original book on Linear Programming, considered as the Bible of LP ..


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