Saturday, February 23, 2013

Spate of events in the Vatican ..

The sudden announcement of abdication of papacy by former Cardinal Joseph Vatzinger and present Pope (Latin papa and Greek papas, meaning father) Benedict XVI, the 265 th in line after St. Peter, has shocked the 1.16 billion (largest and the oldest organisation in the world) Catholic community across the world. Never in the past 6 centuries had a pope abdicated his throne..

Was it the infirmities of old age or the infighting between Vatican's Secretary of State and the most powerful of Cardinals, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone and his arch rival, former Secretary of State of Vatican and present Dean of the College of Cardinals which will elect the new pope, Cardinal Angelo Sodano, both from Italy itself and the influence of the worldly Roman curia, the church's central administration, what must have prompted Cardinal Vatzinger to keep himself off from the action and plan to retire to Mater Ecclesiae Convent in the Vatican itself is a question to which the Vatican will have to give an answer soon enough..

Will the new pope be a much younger Cardinal in the sixties age group or will be another octogenarian or septuagenarian, has to be seen ..? Where is the Catholic church headed to in the 21 st century ?? All these questions will be answered by the collegium to meet soon ..

Will it lead to a change in their attitude to the more ancient, less materialistic, less organised Oriental or Eastern Orthodox churches, either a more benevolent or tough view, initiating any talks on unity of churches etc will depend on who takes charge ? Does it give hope to Christendom in general ?

Reports from Italy point to heavy rumours of the ganging up of gay Vatican insiders and the power centres inside the Vatican leading to a position of helplessness for Benedict XVI being the reason for his giving up the position.

The Catholic Church and Vatican have become states in themselves, the suspected role played by Vatican bank in money laundering to other countries, ie. the dirty linen will definitely be washed in public, given the free flow of information in todays world. The  paper from Italy quotes the 6 th and 7 th commandments being violated inside Vatican, of stealing and committing adultery as responsible for this spate of unrest.

How many more butlers will face the Vatican's wrath ?? Time will tell ..


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