Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Loss of face for David Cameron ..

Why British PM David Cameron's apology for the British Raj of 300 years in India does not matter to India..  We have gone past that age and cannot brood over what happened, 200 years back, we have much serious things to ponder over now, like how to overtake China, how to ensure good governance within the country and so on..
 Why should Britain aplogise to India now for the con acts of their ancestors over 300 years ?? The first time in the history of the world that Britain, a former colonial power, is apologising to one of its largest and richest colonies ..
Oh.. what a shame ..!!
It is public knowledge why this late realisation of guilt .. just sheer opportunism, what not !!  loss of face and self-respect for UK .... Shows the poor intelligence in having grasp of contemporary international affairs .. The matter was not even worthy of being reported in Indian papers .. Just trashed ..!!

“I cannot conceive of a greater loss than the loss of one's self-respect.” ― Mahatma Gandhi..

We know why Cameron is in India just after a week of French President Francois Hollande's visit .. To persuade the Indian govt not to finalise and if possible thwart the deal for the 126 nos. fighter jets on French Dassault Rafele jets for $ 20 billion, and ( maybe also to ask Indian govt not to blacklist Agusta Westland, which has violated terms of supply of AW 101 choppers to India - for offering bribes .. )  .. :)

The British economy is ready to slip into a triple dip recession, after its economy recessed at 0.3% in the last quarter of '12. Perhaps, it may never recover ..

This is how The Economist of Feb 16, 2013, gave the brief..

Cameron in the Mughal Durbar at Delhi with the emperor Dr. Manmohan Singh and his Begum Sonia Gandhi


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