Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kohinoor and Elgin marbles..

Kohinoor before Queen Victoria got it polished in 1850.
Kohinoor Diamond (108 carats), originally Syamantaka of 5000 years history, was never sold, only gifted (Ibrahim Lodhi to Mughal emperor Babur around 1600 AD) or stolen (from Punjab by East India co. around 1848 AD ) and gifted to Queen Victoria in 1850 AD. It had more than value then money could buy, tht may be the reason why around 1500 AD when it changed hands it was said to be worth half of all work output in the world. ie half the global manufacturing GDP around that time.

Likewise the Elgin marbles (450 BC marble sculpture by Phidias) stolen from the Parthenon and Acroplis in Athens, Greece by Thomas Bruce, Earl of Algin and brought o London in 1814 AD is in London museum.

Cameron has shown total insenstivity to the feelings of a nation by refusing to part with both. (one of the Elgin marbles displayed here..)
How long can Britain hold on to artefacts it has stolen from other parts of the world and clings on steadfast ??


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