Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Metros of the world ..

Regarding transportation systems, any system of transportation that has a high frequency and has separate tracks and rails for its free movement, be it overground or underground, qualifies to be called a Metro .

It is this regard that the article in The Economist of Jan 5, 2013 "Going Underground" finds mention. A well researched article, it lists the top ten metro rails of the world in the order of its length of kms running. Undeniably China secures the first and second position, with the oldest and the first metro of the world The London Metro (established in 1863) occupying the third position.

The New Delhi Metro at a running length of about 172 kms is presently considered to be the one of the most advanced in the world.. As of July 2011, it had 1.7 million daily commuters and is now at 2.06 million as of Jan 2013.

But CNN travel website has a different list as given here. Countries are vying with each other to improve the standard of urban mass commuting.

There are many reports which lists the top metros of the world, but on a scan through many lists I found special mention of Korea, Hong Kong and Petersburg Russia to be among the top three.

The list put up bny Economist which lists China to be holding the place for the two longest metros of the world will soon be joined by New Delhi and possibly Mumbai soon, as the ridership and demand for the metro services are far greater here.


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