Monday, January 21, 2013

Memories get stronger .. 25 years .. lots more remaining !!

M1 batch from CET, 1981-86
After 25 years, getting together at Leela, Kovalam, TVM. July, 2011.

I was the other day talking to my earlier engg. boss in MRF at a function in Goa. A CET alumnus from '68 batch. Getting ready for their 50th year get-together ..

He was telling how with the passage of time, their friendship is getting stronger and stronger ..Earlier they used to meet once in 2 years, then it got to once every year, now it is once every six months.

There is a popular saying 'familiarity breeds contempt'. It is never so with classmates and benchmates.

As time flies off, initially family gets bigger, hair gets greyer, tummies get
bulgier, wallets get fatter, later when homes become lonely nests and health starts getting dicier, the only firm things remaining are the selfless friends from college days !!

Let us meet more often. Can all of us have a get together around August this year at Gavi, pathanamthitta dist?

US get-together is planned for after the TVM bash in 2014, right ?

Pl give ur ideas here..


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