Thursday, January 10, 2013

A very short holiday ..

Rajesh and Archana with bridesmen and maids
Jojen and younger daughter, excellent pose..
I got an opportunity or reason to visit Goa once again in 2013. Since I could not avoid attending the marriage of Archana and Rajesh, ( Archana is the daughter of my former MRF Boss, George Ninan and a long time family friend), Anila, chinnu and myself went to Goa on 4 Jan by KSRTC executive, at 5 PM from Bangalore, We went via Ponda and hence could reach Farmagudi by 8.45 AM where our stay was already arranged at Farmagudi touist cottages by George Ninan.

After taking a quick breakfast I went to Panjim to SBI treasury branch and by by 2.15 PM we were off to margao for the marriage to Lady of Rosary Chapel in Davorlim.

Sandra, Brian and Anila (l 2 r) at Brians home.
It was a big chapel and he function was good. Most of my Ponda, Goa friends and old MRF friends were there. After the marriage we proceeded to the reception which was at diametrically opposite area in Dream World Corlim near to Syngenta.

I proposed the toast to Rajesh and Archana as I was their Professor for a good four years while in Goa Engg College. The dinner was great, We reached back to our rooms by 12 midnight.

The next day we bunked church and instead went straight to Jeevan Thomas' home in Ponda and then to Brian's place in margao. In fact, Brian picked us up and then we went to Sarenbatim beach , cool and serene, in Margao and were back by 6 PM. After a brief singing session, we were all back in the bus by 7.30 and off to Bangalore.

It was a small break, though Jobin could not come due to exams. Back in office on Monday morning.
All of us at Sarenbatim beach having a good lunch


A real heavy lunch ..
Nathan, Jonathn and Chinnu at Sarenbatim after a dip....

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