Thursday, December 13, 2012

Why T M Varghese declined an offer from Nehru ?

Immediately after gaining independence, Nehru was in the process of forming the Union cabinet and was on the lookout for educated, able leaders to join him in the cabinet. He extended an invitation to T M Varghese, the home minister of Travancore Kochi, who before joining the freedom struggle had given up a very brilliant profession as a successful criminal lawyer in Kollam, Kerala.

T M Varghese who was the Home Minister of Kerala then with Pattom Thanu Pillai ( also was one of the trimurthis of Kerala), declined the offer as he was more interested in being in the state than to be in Delhi and go into oblivion.

Nehru and T M Varghese kept cordial relations from the beginning till their death which happened in a span of three years between 1961 (T M Varghese) and 1964 (Nehru).

TM Varghese watching from the background while Nehru hands over the Nehru trophy to Nadubhagam Chundan, winner of Nehru trophy boat race in 1952.

The snap shows Pt. Nehru giving away the ever rolling Nehru Trophy to the winners of the boat race in Kerala in its second edition , ( Indira Gandhi is to the left of Nehru in dark glasses..) which came to be known as the Nehru Trophy boat race. T M Varghese the home minister, the tall person, is in the centre, background.


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