Thursday, December 06, 2012

What does passing of FDI in Retail in Lok Sabha mean for India ?

The step is a very forward looking step, indeed. Allowing foreign companies to have 51% stale in multi brand retail in India.

Read the very positive supportive nod for govt from media leaders..

The policy paralysis shown by the govt. had many reasons for the same. Earlier the fear expressed by the people against this bill were the farmers will be taken for a ride and there will be large scale suicides, the MNCs will take the profits out of the country, the MNCs will kill the indigenous distribution and supply chains in the country, they will hold the country to ransom by taking over all food production and so on.

But this morning I was talking to a person who is a vehement opposer of the bill. Their focus has now shifted from the farmer to the middlemen. Those greedy parasites who were out there to fleece the farmers and corner most of the profit to be paid to the farmer to his own pocket. About 10 million of them.

Should the country really care of what happens to these parasites ? They will latch on to some other living being and still continue to such blood off them ! what we call the bania community, traders ..

The other point was these MNCs could use forward trading in the commodities and then cause price increases in external martket and then divert Indian produce outside the country.

If that is a genuine fear, yes , suitable controls could be incorporated saying no green food items, agricultural goods, grains, cereals, pulses etc  can be exported.

Now let the bill be passed in the Rajya Sabha and then we can rest assured that Indian consumers and farmers who were given a bad treatment by the middlemen will now get a fair treatment.

Thanks to the big MNCs entering the Indian market and the technological superiority they will bring to the supply chains !!

The opposition again has to eat the humble pie ..


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