Saturday, November 03, 2012

Windows 8 desperate for sales ..

These days when I log in to read the Times of India, I am received by a huge screen sized banner ad of Windows 8.

As if fooling people with Windows XP and some later releases, Microsoft finding its revenue streams dwindling is now coming up with new releases every year.

And a gullible public, out of ignorance fall in the trap laid by these giants in IT field. So sad and I feel so much of pity for my friends who fall in for these.

I also read from some sources that one could download for free a simple lite version of windows for free use., though I am yet to come across any such site. It is again a pointer to the fact that Microsoft is feeling the pressure from Free and Open source competitors and from Apple, Solaris and others..

Let the world be a more free place where people have the choice to select their OS and work with it.

Go open source and long live Free Software ..!!


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