Friday, November 16, 2012

Mumbai daada critically ill ..

How should the Government and its people respond when an old violent Daada who terrorised the govt and the people into submission and follow his path, on false "Marathi manoos", gets ill and is taking his final breath ?

How can people forget his attacks on South Indians and North Indians in Mumbai right from the 70s ? Can such a narrow minded person and his narrow minded children and nephews, who never could open his mind to take the people of the whole country as siblings, ever get the respect from others ? With such narrow vision and outlook, they have wasted a great opportunity and  made a fool of themselves all these years..

Is the present concern shown for Bal Thackeray by the who's who of Mumbai, out of concern or fear for what nuisance and mischief his misguided and violent followers can wreck on the society to disturb communal harmony ?

Having stayed in Mumbai for six long years I am fully aware of the daadagiri this old person still continues to throw around. Soon the country will heave a sigh of relief ..

His death has caused lot of emotions and feelings to float around. Strangely he was a misfit a for a mature democracy like India.. a person who believed that he could elbow out his competitors in the political space by the basal instincts of muscle and threats over brain to control Mumbai, its people and the businesses.. Perhaps, some more education would have made him a bit more cultured and civilized to take on the world, and be remembered for generations.

Now sadly, he is being remembered for the wrong reasons which nobody would want to be remembered for ..


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