Monday, November 26, 2012

Malankara Orthodox Catholicate centenary, kochi Nov 2012 ..

The growing acceptance of the Malankara Orthodox church beliefs is visible in the events held in the past one week in Egypt and Kochi.

Bawa Thirumeni hosting a dinner for Oriental Orthodox delegates at the Coptic papal consecration was a great success ..

The second event is the speakers themselves at yesterday's catholicate centenary in Kochi speaking at length and heaping praise on the Malankara Orthodox church for preserving their national identity and striving to retain its independence from foreign forces.

It is a real pity that the Catholic church and Patriarchate faction of the Orthodox church have failed miserably in preserving this national identity and working for a Christian belief incorporating the rich orthodoxy rooted in Indian culture and ethos in its day to day transactions and functions. The heaps of praises from HH Dalai Lama, former President Abdul Kalam, Vellapally Natesan, representing SNDP, a great social movement in Kerala and V Muralidharan from the BJP, the people who spoke the best yesterday, will not be forgotten for years to come !!

The special event of re-proclaiming the Koonen Cross Oath ( Coonen kurissu Sathyam) with the trumpets and drums in the background provided by Sruthi music group led by Fr. M P George, was the real climax of the whole programme. It took the audience back by 359 years to 1653 AD, and brought back nostalgic memories when our forefathers who assembled in Mattancherry in 1653 AD proclaimed their independence from the Papal over lordship, brought by the Portuguese on Indian Thoma Christians from 1599 to 1653 AD. ( through the misadventure of Bishop Menezes at the Udayamperoor synod).- the first proclamation of Independence from foreign domination !! ( like the first war of Independence of India in 1857 from the British..)

The need to assert our national sovereignty and love for our motherland of India resonated throughout the conference and in the speeches by the honourable speakers, which was indeed what our forefathers have been trying to do for the past hundred years by establishing the Catholicate and bringing the constitution in 1934 AD.

Thankfully there were no disturbances yesterday and the programme started right on time at 3 PM , went upto 6 PM witnessed by almost 2.5 lakh believers (and millions on TV) who poured in from different parts of the world to witness this historic occasion. Both at the beginning and the end of the programme, the singing of the national anthem, reasserted our firm faith in the Indian nation, its democracy and its rich culture and traditions and history of mutual respect, tolerance and peaceful co-existence of all religions, faiths and factions.

The ecumenical unity and christian love and service echoed throughout the meeting as raised by Catholic Bishop Mar Powathil, Kaldaaya Bishop Mar Aprem and Joseph Marthoma  Bishop of Marthoma church.

The choir led by Fr M P George gave excellent support for the events throughout the programme. For people who sat at home watching the events on TV, I wish to say, you have missed a slice of history yesterday at Marine Drive, Kochi, where one of the biggest congregations of Christians ever in Kerala, gathered under one roof under the able and excellent leadership of our Catholica Bawa..



  1. And why Vellapally Natesan the liquor baron? He is also facing a probe for tax evasion and swindling of money from SNDP. The whole event had Muthoot signature at the expense of the Church. Hoardings etc. And in the end a priest degraded himself by talking against the Jacobite faction and their Bava. Why?

    Whose money are they wasting for such worldly shows? To impress whom?

    It was just a show of pomp and signifies nothing! Nothing that Christ taught! I am sorry!

    You talk about the growing "clout".. for what? is it a political party? This Sabha may have increased it's clout but sadly with no increase in spirituality.

    1. No wonder people are leaving traditional churches and moving into truth being taught by many new churches. Pity isn't it? They will start breaking coconuts in traditional churches soon.the new cd sabarigireeshan by a priest from a traditional church is indicative of the fall of such churches. Hope they will see the light! The light shines in the darkness and he darkness could not comprehend it. Don't you think you should take a second look at the empty way of life handed down by your forefathers?

  2. Pitiful . Wonder when they will see the light. You should have done a coconut breaking ceremony also

  3. Yes the coonen cross threw the pope out I think, guess soon the current scenario also will change where the church has to teach the truth or else they will loose people pretty fast..the word says in 2 cor that whenever the old testaments was read Christ was hidden from the hearts of people... High time to see the light. Stop all these unbiblical practices in the church and stop crucifying Jesus again and again


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