Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cheap low class entertainer of Mumbai ..

The cheap low class entertainer of Mumbai is no more.. (also respectfully called the paper tiger..)

Mumbai under enforced mourning..  Daadagiri even in mourning !!

His anti-migrant tyranny in Mumbai shows how narrow minded and silly people can be at times.. The anti-migrant proponent could not realise that he too was a migrant from UP many years back ..

Able to understand how a man's brazen intolerance, low IQ, narrow mindedness can bring a city to silence !! How fearful Mumbaikars are of any reprisals !! Shame on mumbaikars !!

Let another day be over and he will sadly be kicked into the dustbin of history !!

The intolerance which he promoted in his party with the followers were evident in the vandalism the supporters did on the doctor's clinic in Palghar, Thane. Some elements in the police who are Shiv Sena sympathisers may have acted in haste in arresting the girls who never did any crime or instigate hatred as much as the SS vandals who got away scotfree, but were finally arrested on public outcry..

The people of the nation are waiting for the Maharashtra CM and police dept to give a proper reply as to why different approaches were adopted in the case of the innocent girls and the shivsena goondas initially and then later corrected ..


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