Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Use of intemperate language by the Law Minister of India ..

It is very difficult to believe that the Oxford educated grandson of Dr Zakir Hussain has no qualms in using the intolerant language of a rowdie / anti-social element against Kejriwal, the IIT Btech and IRS (Retd) citizen of this country.

It is difficult for the common man to believe that the "Honourable" Law minister of the country could threaten the citizens of this country, the public, the real masters of the country, with such intemperate language..

Only a person of the stature of Salman Khurshid can go to such low levels and issue threats to the hapless citizens of the country. By this act, Salman has not only brought disgrace to his own community, Oxford University and his grand father, but also to the BIMARI states of the North of the country. We were waiting for his true colours to come out !!

Clearly reminds that an education in Oxford won't even match to what you get from the local market place in any of the rural towns in the country.

Let God give some sense to Salman to realise that he is just our servant, not our master !! Let him realise that he derives his powers from what we give him, he becomes a virtual nobody if we , the public decide to kick him out !!


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