Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The three IIT trained politicians in India who really matter ..

The first and foremost is Jairam Ramesh, the Union Minister of Urban Development. (IITB, CMU and MIT)

The second is Manohar Parrikar, (IITB) the present Chief Minister of Goa. If he sticks to his words, it can see the end of unauthorised iron ore mining in Goa to end once and for all. and the jailing of the business barons of Goa, Chowgule, Salgaonkar etc..

The third is Arvind Kejriwal who parted ways with Anna Hazare to start a new party. (IITKgp and IRS). He was with the Income Tax dept as Commissioner and is the most active and intelligent member in the India against Corruption movement.

These people got their basic BTech degree from IITs.

Let more IITians join the political mainstream in India and help make a difference in the country.


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