Saturday, October 13, 2012

should Salman Khurshid try flexing muscles with Kejriwal ..?

The present spat between IAC ( India Against Corruption) leader Arvind Kejriwal and union Minister and Congress Leader Salman Khrushid (on behalf of their party leader Sonia Gandhi and her son in law Robert Vadhra) is turning for the worst. With Kejriwal being arrested and detained in jail overnight and released this morning, the spat is continuing.

The low IQ Salman Khurshid sadly is no match to Kejriwal with his high academic and professional qualifications. Kejriwal's revelation yesterday of how Salman Khurshid's trust (money squandering and eating trust) had misappropriated app 70 lakhs of govt money on forged signature is adding fuel to fire. Corporation Bank denying ever having given overdraft of app 12 crore to Vadhra which was claimed by Vadhra, all points to the fact that indeed Kejriwal's revelations are damaging reputations and sending shivers among politicians,. Kejriwal cannot be said to be doing all these longing for political fame more than exposing corruption in the country.

Nitinn Gadkari having started to pee in his pants fearing which of his shady deals Kejriwal is going to expose, is to say least comforting for the opposition party.


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