Monday, October 08, 2012

Seraphim Thirumeni at home ..

HG Dr. Abraham Mar Seraphim, Fr. Philip, Vicar,
Cathedral church, Bangalore 
HG making the discourse at the meeting ..
A view of the gathering of parishioners from Koramangala
at my home yesterday 7 Oct 2012.

It was a great occasion to welcome HG Abraham mar Seraphim, Metropolitan for Bangalore diocese of Malankara orthodox syrian church to my home for cottage prayer yday, 7 oct 2012.

HG spoke of the need to aim for salvation and redemption in eternal life than for worldly material and temporal gains by miracles and other myopic approaches ..

It was also taking a potshot at the miracle healers like M Y Yohannan ( who was camping in Bangalore on Saturday and Sunday) who give their talks to an innocent, gullible, materialistic, worldly, miracle and pleasure seeking public who seek instant gratification .... (Let us ignore the other spiritual entrepreneurs out there to make quick money like KP Yohannan, Dinakaran, Thangu and their likes, playing to the soft underbelly of the believers !! so pathetic ....)


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