Tuesday, October 09, 2012

SC speaks firmly against unauthorised construction by the rich .. Bangaloreans ready ?

While only the slums and hutments of the poor are demolished by the state in their enthusiasm to prevent unauthorised construction, the rich and their construction are left untouched, probably because of he great healing power of grease money ..

The SC has come out against this discrimination by the state against the poor sparing the rich. Let the rich also feel the brunt of this.

It is said in bangalore almost 95% of houses are illegally constructed and unauthorised parts needs to be demolished. Are the people of  Bangalore ready to show the example to the people of the country by being the first to come forward and get the unauthorised part of construction of their homes removed or demolished ?

Are Bangaloreans game for it  or as cowards they wish to hide behind mama's petticoat ?   shameful ..


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