Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lt. Gen. Tejinder Singh, a disgrace for the nation ..

A total disgrace to the armed forces !
I am amazed at the guts shown by the most disgraced Lt. Gen (retd.) of the Indian Army, Tejinder Singh. What low IQ this person has ?? Does he think he can take the people of the country for a royal ride ?

Even after being exposed, Tejinder had the temerity to file a defamation case against VK Singh for dragging him into the Tatra Truck corruption case.

With the CBI finally filing  case against him, six months after he filed a case against the Army Chief for unnecessarily dragging him to the Tatra case, Tejinder should be stripped of his army honours , if any, as also his pension and other benefits. In addition, he should be made to pay a hefty fine for filing a false case against the former Army Chief for causing lot of tension and hurt for Gen V K Singh. Such menaces in the army are a menace for the country too ..

It is a disgrace that when we have such people at the helm of the Indian army,  can we expect the country to develop and modernise itself ? These people are so selfish, anti-national and anti-social that they pull the country backward and put it to so much risk. When the soldiers are risking their lives and fighting for the country, such jokers play spoilsport !! He deserve to be sent to the gallows straightaway..

It is the negative agenda of these worthless individuals which is causing so much of heartburn for the masses and taking the country backward. When able, smart people like Kejriwal are trying their level best to eradicate corruption from the country, these stupid people are bringing down the repute of the armed forces and playing into the hands of the politicians.
Lone bull Kejriwal fighting a lethargic goliath ..
History tells us throughout the past sixty years, some of our Army officers have been equally corrupt as our politicians .. By this act, the doubt with the common man whether his country and its funds are being properly used by these soldiers is only getting stronger day by day.

These people are reminding us that the defence expenditure which is the most unproductive expenditure for the country, is indeed the most unproductive and being misused by a section of the officers in the army. The people of the country have great mistrust for these leaders from our armed forces.

There are second thoughts whether the funds of this country which is given to these soldiers by the people with great trust through the democratic setup needs to be curtailed as it is being misused and abused by these wretched soldiers.

Was it an error of judgement by Tejinder Singh ? If he was not caught, he would have still been moving in respectable circles after committing this great crime.. I doubt it was poor merit .. I would say poor upbringing ...

Where are our corrupt army officers taking us ??


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