Thursday, October 25, 2012

La Moriyo Zegtho . the orthodox symphony in Bangalore.. three videos ..

A first of its kind in the orthodox world.. 

Hats off to Fr John Samuel and his team of musicians and singers for their untiring effort of  four months and determination to go ahead with this .. Watch the able and professional conduct of the symphony orchestra by Fr John Samuel in black robes !! Watch how the baton in his fingers twitch and glide in the air while he conducts the orchestra .. ..  Read a brief writeup here ..

A big thanks to all the Cor Episcopas, priests of Bangalore diocese and all the silent efficient workers and volunteers of Bangalore diocese who have worked under the dynamic and able leadership of Metropolitan Abraham Mar Seraphim to make this small positive change and development in the oldest Indian church possible.. A herculean task indeed !! 

The dynamism of young blood is unimaginable.. 

Courtesy Jayce Philip, Mamachen for putting up the videos and Rev Fr. Aikkara, Chancellor, Christ University and CMI congregation for the Christ auditorium and its excellent acoustics ...

George Easaw

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