Friday, October 12, 2012

Intolerant quran burning pastor blocked at Canada border ..

The US pastor from some breakaway protestant faction who has caused much of heatrtburn for Muslims all over after burning of Quran does not have any idea of history and the need to  be tolerant of other faiths and beliefs.

Read the TOI article  here..

Preaching and practicing love for all, hatred and venomous speech with vitriole has no say in any civilised society. The pastor has got freedom of speech but that stops when your neighbour gets hurt ..

Does Christianity preach hurting other religious beliefs ?

The protestant faith is coming up dime a dozen all over the world, mushrooming all round , whoever has money to throw around and who desires to make money through spiritual entrepreneurship, sets up a new church. These people have no qualms in abusing other religions and hurting the beliefs of those people.

Is it reflective of civilisational immaturity (a 300 year old culture..) in US ? Militant, abusive, intolerant spiritualism as practiced by these brands of protestants and born-again groups freely in US is a threat to the civilized world.


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