Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Great performances on asianet star singer..

Last evening it was simply superlative performances by Gayathri Ramanathan (tvm), Nandu (pala) and merin (kozhikode) on star singer season 6.

Gayathri came up with a mind blowing performance which was however not the star performance of the day.. Gayathri took me back 30 - 40 years when I grew up listening to these songs.. Fantastic rendering..

It was topped by Merin (left) who scored a perfect 100, song was Ooh la la by Shreya Ghoshal and Bappi Lahiri, out of the world performance .. for the first time a perfect hundred .. Single handedly Merin managed both Shreya and Bappi..

MG Sreekumar even remarked that if the original music director had also heard Merin singing the number, he would have asked Merin to sing it and dumped the famous Hindi duo..  So terrific, electrifying and thunderous performance ..

The original version of OOh la la by Shreya Ghoshal and Bappi lahiri from the movie "The Dirty Picture"  is here ..

Merin's singular effort is shown here  Fast forward to the third performance of the day from 19:12 minutes .. Gayathri's performance is the first one..

Very talented, spirited and enthusiastic, blessed youngsters rocking the stage beyond expectatiins !!!


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