Wednesday, September 12, 2012

End of Iron Ore Mining in Goa ?

Is the recent revelations of the Justice Shah Commission set to probe the irregularities in Goa iron ore mining ringing the death knell of mining in Goa ??

It has indicted two former CMs, Pratap Singh Rane and Digambar Kamat of causing losses to the state to the tune of Rs 36,000 crores, it appears to be much bigger than the Rs 18,000 crores mining scam in Karnataka involving Yeddyurappa, his family and Reddy brothers from Bellary.

The IIT Bombay trained no-nonsense politician CM of Goa, Manohar Parrikar, it appears, means business this time and has said, no one, how big or small will be spared. Hope he sticks to his words .. The country wants him to !!

Having stayed in Goa for more than eighteen years, the author always used to wonder why the environmental loot these business houses like Salgaokar, Chowgule, Sesa Goa and Fomento were carrying out, was going unnoticed. The political support they bought from politicians across parties over the years and the respectability they managed in Goan society with their CON MONEY is going to be exposed, IF ONLY PARRIKER STICKS TO HIS WORDS !!

The clean chit given by the govt in allowing them to carry on with their activities unhindered over the last couple of decades has shocked the people of Goa beyond any measure. The author was perplexed to see how these big industrial houses were misusing Iron Ore deposits, the part of revenue from which should have gone to the people of Goa to build good schools, public health centres, hospitals, better rail road infrastructure and opening of new Industrial / software parks where Goans would have got jobs instead of them having to go to other metros within India and abroad for a living !! Sadly, it has  been swindled  !! What a pity !!

In the process they made themselves out of reach of the law of the land., but that is a far dream. The law will catch up with all these swindlers mastering in treachery and deceit over the years .. Nobody knows how much money they must have transferred to Swiss Banks ..

It is good that the SC judgements of recent days which have declared that natural resources belong to the people of the country and not for the first exploiters, has raised public awareness of  gross misuse of resources.  Hope these Goan industrial houses are made to pay up and compensate for the damage to the environment, loot of public wealth and criminal behaviour. Parrikar's earlier conduct leaves a lot to be desired and he has a long way to go to get people's confidence in his actions.

PARRIKER needs to establish himself as a man of words, comparing with his behaviour in the last tenure as CM of Goa, where he has displayed more of opportunism and parochialism than patriotism !! Now that the finger points only at the opposition, he has come up with harsh statements. Hope Parrikar would not change his colour and promise, if some of his party people are also found involved in this.

For the people of the state and the country, no matter who loots public wealth, he/she has to be given exemplary punishment so that future generations would not dare to enter into such risky ventures ever in their lifetime ..!! 


The author once worked with Velingkar iron ore mines, another Iron Ore family, in Dharbandoda, Ponda Goa around 1989 for a small period and is very much gripped with the environmental damage these mines pose for the community and the state in general - the mountains of reject and the pits of the ores.

It is the story of suddenly "green" mountains turning to "murky" lakes and beautiful country side with blue lakes turning to "baldy, barren" mountains of rejects from the mines ..!

Hope this does not become yet another cheap trick the politicians and the business houses are playing on the hardworking, peace loving people of Goa !! ;)


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