Sunday, September 30, 2012

Planning for new home for Paul ..

SBI PBB Koramangala has started processing home loan application for a home for Paul in Bangalore. Provident Housing on Yelahanka Doddaballapur Road, pool facing. 3 BHK, 1280 ft. INR 40L + ..

Ready for occupation Dec 2012 .. work 90% over .. 2 nd floor ..


Friday, September 28, 2012

What Facebook members offering gifts to other members mean ..

With membership of more than 990 million subscribers, minimum 20-30 % active users, in addition being the third most populous country in the world after China and India, the option of giving gifts to other members, brings in a great boost to Internet e-commerce. Other major global players will be pushed to the periphery or they join with facebook and offer the service to customers at a very subsidised rate.

The potential is tremendous and we cannot foresee what this means to global commerce .. It may/can change the way we wish each other and send gifts to each other. Governments will find it difficult to tax Facebook or customers for the items or keep track of items changing hands.

We are going to see a global virtual shopping mall which can rival Walmart in the items on offer with ease of order and delivery .. This can open lot of employment opportunities for people acting to be part of the Facebook global supply chain and for developing and maintaining infrastructure for the same across the world !


Crossing destinies ..

A very telling picture... Criminal neglect by society ..


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dr Raghuram Rajan puts blame on slow governance ..

Raghuram Rajan ( IITD, IIMA, MIT), the Chief Economic Advisor to the Govt ( look at the acad credentials !!), Prof at Uty of Chicago,earlier economist of IMF,  tipped to be the next Reserve Bank Governor, brings woth himvast experience in economic governance. He has said slow pace of reforms and the lethargy in governance, has led the country to its recent predicament.. 

Good observation. Raghuram team with Montek Singh and Manmohan Singh , the country is in very safe hands.. Hope the pace is set for action in the coming days ..


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Money does not grow on trees ..

What an apt cartoon..

It was just two days back that PM Dr Manmohan Singh was lamenting that money does not grow on trees and we need to boost the economy. He also passed the FDI in multi brand retailing in the country. 


Monday, September 24, 2012

a big heart - Narayana Hrudayalaya, Bangalore ..

Another great moving video from AUstralian Broadcasting Corp on Dr Devi Shetty .. 


The guru of Industrial product design ..

Sir Jonathan Ive ( (1967 - ..), Chief Product Designer, Apple

Inventor and holder of patents of about 580 industrial designs .

Very first comp was just a circuit board,,
 with case and keyboard added later.
Apple computers over the years ..

Original Macintosh (courtesy wikipedia..)

How Ive does it at Apple ..


Friday, September 21, 2012

Take a trip to Mars . . . !Indeed amazing video..........!!!!!!

Dear All,

Please enjoy seeing this clipping......

Amazing" is not an adequate word to describe this clip!

Simply awesome, especially as it is in HD!

Don't you miss it.

Click here for: "How to Get to Mars. Very Cool!

Thanks to the Curiosity team ...


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How the self driving car works - under the bonnet .. .. Some theory ..

Technologies behind the self driving car ...

Interesting reading for those inclined ..    from the Economist ...

1,08,000 people are killed every month all over the world in motor related accidents, to rise to 1,10,000 by 2020.

More than reducing fuel consumption, it is the discipline on the roads combined with low accidents which is how human beings are going to be benefited by this technology.

No idea whether Indian Institutions or auto companies have started research in this area.


How Apple goes about its design process ! Interesting read !!

Very good doc on google.. on Apple's Innovative Product Design Process !!

Watch the web link here ..


Monday, September 17, 2012

Free Open online Courses from Stanford Uty on Computer Networking and Energy / batteries ..

Dear all,

This Free and Open online course from Stanford on 

1). Computer Networking and 2) Solar Cells, Fuel Cells and Batteries, is starting on Oct 8 2012. If you are interested pl register for the 3 month course ( or 6 months, not clear..) weekly assignments and submissions..

Register at the links below or pass or pass onto interested people interested in furthering their profile ..

Computer Networking   This is an introductory course on computer networking, specifically the Internet. It focuses on explaining how the Internet works, ranging from how bits are modulated on wires and in wireless to application-level protocols like BitTorrent and HTTP. It also explains the principles of how to design networks and network protocols. Students gain experience reading and understanding RFCs (Internet protocol specifications) as statements of what a system should do. The course grounds many of the concepts in current practice and recent developments, such as net neutrality and DNS security.

Solar Cells, Fuel Cells and Batteries  This course focuses on the operating principles and applications of emerging technological solutions to the energy demands of the world. We will begin with discussing the scale of global energy usage and requirements for possible solutions. Basic physics and chemistry of solar cells, fuel cells, and batteries will be discussed in quantitative detail. We will explore performance issues, including economics, from the ideal device to the installed system. Finally, we will end with the promise of materials research for providing next generation solutions.

This is part of their MOOC, large learning platforms ..

Life is a long learning process.


Hard Rock Cafe experience ..

I require some help from my friends on a simple activity ..

I am discussing about "Hard Rock cafe" in the class during the coming days .. Hard Rock Cafe is a rock n' roll theme based chain of international restaurants, it has also got restaurants in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai . Never been to any of them, but I am sure lot of my friends and music fanatics would have already visited visited a couple of them already and have their own opinion to talk about the place. ( My colleague in Alliance has visited five already..).

I am looking at this from the operations strategy view point and so am interested in what your views are on your observations about 1) the ambience of the place, 2) special rock n' roll memorabilia on display which you found interesting to mention, 3) the quality of food, 4) the rock band performance which you enjoyed, 5)  the hospitality of the employees, 6) the cafe load factor ( attendance), 7) % of youngsters, mid-aged like us, and old people 8) lighting inside bar area and restaurant 9) 

Thanx a lot for your time and a willing mind ..

Sincere regards,

George Easaw

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Global competitiveness levels 2012 ..

Here is the latest global competitiveness levels and per capita GDP figures for 2012 from and World Economic Forum ..


Some real fireworks from today ..

The PM Manmohan Singh has announced 51% FDI in multi-brand retail, 49 % in aviation and media yesterday. Politically it was a very dumb move as the ruling party will definitely have to call for mid term elections soon. But despite the opportunism and perpetual protests of the BJP and Left, the people of the country can look forward  to some real development in the country. The stage is set for growth of the economy, translating to app. 3% raise in GDP this year ..

The $ 460 billion retail industry in India, (about 120% of Walmart's annual revenues) opening, gives great promise for the world retail majors like Walmart, Carrefour and TESCO .. Whether these global majors will be ready to play the game on India's terms, not emlpoying any predatory practices etc is the only question to be answered. The clause asking 30% of the FDI, be put into developing back end support infrastructure like warehouses, cold chains, transportation infrastructure, excluding real estate costs and rentals, will see heavy investments in infrastructure development in the country.

Mamata and BJP will fire heavy crackers today while the Left will burn matchsticks to protest ..

Lot of exciting action is promised in the coming days on the roads and in the next Parliament session by the Opposition led by Mamata's TMC ..


Friday, September 14, 2012

Dr. Manmohan Singh bites the bullet, finally ...

Dr Manmohan Ssingh has finally passed the FDI in multi-brand retail today in the country.  He has finaly bitten the bullet. He was quoted as saying, if we have to go down, let us do it after doing something good.

The antics of the eccentric lady Mamata from Kolkata, the Left parties and the main opposition party BJP  will start from tomorrow for the whole of India and the world to see ....


Something interesting .. a really magic square ..

Thursday, September 13, 2012

What is the diff between 6 sigma and 3 sigma quality ?

Students have confused thoughts on what constitutes 3 sigma and 6 sigma quality.
Here is an explanation .. ( from the theoritical base..)

The process of taking mean (mhu) and +- 3 sigma on either side of the mean is 3 sigma quality, the spread is 6 sigma. (talking of population parameters). Cp and Cpk discussion in most of the textbooks is in the context of 3 sigma quality. Of course, the same can be extended to 6 sigma too.

99.73% observations lying outside the +- 3 sigma limits amount to .27 units lying outside the 3 sigma control limits in 100, ie. 2.7 units in 1000, 27 units in 10,000, 270 units in 100,000 and 2700 units in a million. Clearly very bad quality !!

The process of taking the mean (mhu) and +- 6 sigma on either side of the mean is 6 sigma quality, the spread is 12 sigma. Cpk =2.0 in case of six sigma..

If you check up in the simulation link given below, for a sample mean of 50 mm and a standard deviation of 2 mm, you will find the 6 sigma limits of 50 +- 6 x 2 = 38 and 62, producing about 0.002 parts outside the 6 sigma limits. Considering the possibility of the shift in the process mean by a maximum of 1.5 sigma, ie 1.5 x 2 = 3, with the mean shifted to 53 with the same 6 sigma limits of 38 and 62, we find exactly 3.4 parts in a million going out of the 6 sigma limits.

Pl feel free to play around with the Normal Distribution simulation spreadsheet and get the concepts clear. ( give diff values of mhu and sigma and find the probability of a range of values using the spreadsheet..) It will explain how 6 sigma is theoretically speaking only of 2 defects in a billion, (0.002 defects in a million opportunities) and by considering the 1.5 sigma shift in the mean to either side, ( ie 4.5 sigma to one side and 7.5 sigma to the other side and vice versa..) the defects are 3.4 per million, ie. 3.4 defects per million opportunities ( dpmo) ( information of how you compute 3.4 dpmo, most of the 6 sigma trainers do not tell you ..)

Just keep this in mind : 6 sigma methodology works to "reduce variability in a process" and Lean systems work to "reduce waste in the process ".

Just like you have many numerical computation packages and the theory behind Mathematics remaining the same, you can have many means ( DMAIC, green belt, black belt etc..proposed by Motorola being one) to reduce the variability in the process. You have to ensure that the 6 sigma control limits and the customer specification limits at the most match or are within the spec limits, ( given by Cp and Cpk metrics) though the theory behind 6 sigma and Normal Distribution remains the same.. These are based on Deming's basic quality improvement (PDCA) cycle !!!!

Good Luck ..!!


World University QS ranking 2012 .. IITB needs to go up further ..

Being from the academic line, this would be of interest to a lot of my colleagues ... Quite sad that we do not have any Indian University in the top 200 world list. 

As Former IIT Chennai Director Dr. P V Indaresan remarked, have the babus ( our ruling elite IAS officers, mainly from sociology and history background, with no knowledge of education, science or technology and research) ruined our higher education beyond repair ? See the link here ..

Let us hope we get more of bureaucratic assistance to take our Academic Institutions further down the drain soon enough, from our glorified Babus .. Good Luck, take our country further down ..

In the Asian rankings my alma mater IITB is at the top, IITB comes at 34, IITD at 36, IIT Chennai at 45, IIT Kanpur at 47, IIT KGP 56, IIT Roorkee 65, Delhi Uty 78, IIT Guwahati 89 in the top 100 .. Some solace finally ..

What we need to figure out is what can we do despite the negative efforts of our Babus ? Can we keep a target, let us be within the top 50 within the next three years .. A very humble aim, but achievable .. Without an aim, we can hardly start our journey to the top ..


The Business Giants of the world and their competitive edge !

While generally asking in class what they preceive to be the main difference between some of the big names in the industry today, like for instance, Google and Yahoo, Toyota and General Motors, Walmart and Tesco, Apple and Samsung and Facebook and Orkut, the straightforward, answer in unison was in their UNIQUE operations style ..

Operations was what differentiates these companies form the number two in their respective areas.

While Google and Apple relied more on their innovation of their products, processes, prices and offerings, Facebook came up with a comfortable, easy interface for youngsters and adults of the world to remain in touch with their friends and acquantances from across the world in REAL TIME coupled with the overriding influence of the Internet, penetrating all facets of human endeavour  !! We call this otherwise as the SOCIAL NETWORKING ! (Google and Facebook have been able to give their offering at virtually ZERO cost, because of the influence of Free and Open Source Software !! Gnu / Linux Operating System, MySQL databases, Apache webserver, PHP scripting and a galore of offerings from a silent group of volunteers from across the world !)

Walmart takes a lead over its competition in terms of a very efficient and effective supply chain (value chain) integrated with a very strong, capable and accurate Information technology backup .

Toyota , the world's largest manufacturer, scores over General motors in terms of an operating philosophy which they have perfected over the past sixty years, called the Toyota Production System or Lean Operations ( by Westerners) which stresses on controlling the levels of inventory, removing and reducing waste from the operations and processes and in the process, giving more value to the final end customer ..

When we categorise the points and ponder over them, we find they are unique to the area of Operations !! Like Innovation, Improved IT Systems interfaces and capability, Internet storage, Retrieval technology, Supply Chain Optimisation techniques, IT backbone, Lean Operations Management, Inventory systems, Waste reduction and so on ..

This is what the whole world is about !! It is about operations .. How efficiently, innovatively and effectively one manages his/her operations, keeping the customer in the mind, giving maximum value, all at the LOWEST COST !!

Operations is the Direct Executive line function in the organisation, all other functions are staff (supportive functions) of advisory nature. Without Operations no business can function, it cannot transform the inputs to finished goods ! 

Without the final product or service, what can we talk of the other managerial staff functions like Marketing, HR and Finance ?


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

End of Iron Ore Mining in Goa ?

Is the recent revelations of the Justice Shah Commission set to probe the irregularities in Goa iron ore mining ringing the death knell of mining in Goa ??

It has indicted two former CMs, Pratap Singh Rane and Digambar Kamat of causing losses to the state to the tune of Rs 36,000 crores, it appears to be much bigger than the Rs 18,000 crores mining scam in Karnataka involving Yeddyurappa, his family and Reddy brothers from Bellary.

The IIT Bombay trained no-nonsense politician CM of Goa, Manohar Parrikar, it appears, means business this time and has said, no one, how big or small will be spared. Hope he sticks to his words .. The country wants him to !!

Having stayed in Goa for more than eighteen years, the author always used to wonder why the environmental loot these business houses like Salgaokar, Chowgule, Sesa Goa and Fomento were carrying out, was going unnoticed. The political support they bought from politicians across parties over the years and the respectability they managed in Goan society with their CON MONEY is going to be exposed, IF ONLY PARRIKER STICKS TO HIS WORDS !!

The clean chit given by the govt in allowing them to carry on with their activities unhindered over the last couple of decades has shocked the people of Goa beyond any measure. The author was perplexed to see how these big industrial houses were misusing Iron Ore deposits, the part of revenue from which should have gone to the people of Goa to build good schools, public health centres, hospitals, better rail road infrastructure and opening of new Industrial / software parks where Goans would have got jobs instead of them having to go to other metros within India and abroad for a living !! Sadly, it has  been swindled  !! What a pity !!

In the process they made themselves out of reach of the law of the land., but that is a far dream. The law will catch up with all these swindlers mastering in treachery and deceit over the years .. Nobody knows how much money they must have transferred to Swiss Banks ..

It is good that the SC judgements of recent days which have declared that natural resources belong to the people of the country and not for the first exploiters, has raised public awareness of  gross misuse of resources.  Hope these Goan industrial houses are made to pay up and compensate for the damage to the environment, loot of public wealth and criminal behaviour. Parrikar's earlier conduct leaves a lot to be desired and he has a long way to go to get people's confidence in his actions.

PARRIKER needs to establish himself as a man of words, comparing with his behaviour in the last tenure as CM of Goa, where he has displayed more of opportunism and parochialism than patriotism !! Now that the finger points only at the opposition, he has come up with harsh statements. Hope Parrikar would not change his colour and promise, if some of his party people are also found involved in this.

For the people of the state and the country, no matter who loots public wealth, he/she has to be given exemplary punishment so that future generations would not dare to enter into such risky ventures ever in their lifetime ..!! 


The author once worked with Velingkar iron ore mines, another Iron Ore family, in Dharbandoda, Ponda Goa around 1989 for a small period and is very much gripped with the environmental damage these mines pose for the community and the state in general - the mountains of reject and the pits of the ores.

It is the story of suddenly "green" mountains turning to "murky" lakes and beautiful country side with blue lakes turning to "baldy, barren" mountains of rejects from the mines ..!

Hope this does not become yet another cheap trick the politicians and the business houses are playing on the hardworking, peace loving people of Goa !! ;)


Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Justice Santosh Hegde in Alliance Uty, Bangalore 3 sept, 2012 ..

A sincere crusader against corruption !
Justice Hegde at Alliance Uty ..

It was a refreshing experience to listen to Justice Nitte Santosh Hegde on 3 Sept, 2012 in Alliance Uty, Bangalore, India.

After a lot of ups and downs for the Anna group, Justice Hegde was keeping low profile, but his eagerness to advocate the need to eradicate corruption and create awareness of the same among the youngsters, the future of the nations, still burning inside him was evident throughout the talk.

Quoting Justice Hegde, since India got independence, we have had about 74 scams, each involving more than INR 5 crores, with the total scam money unaccounted, amounting to Rs 96,600 lakh crores !! All this money has disappeared !! My tax money and your tax money !!

Calling corruption in the country to be basically of two types, compulsive - where the common man is forced to pay a bribe even to get some of his basic rights and privileges,  is the most inhuman.  The second type, collusive, is not because of any need for money but being infected with the Greed Over Need disease !! The inordinate delay in clearing cases of corruption in the country, some even going upto 18 years, is another cause for people losing the fire to pursue such issues in public fora.

Democracy being the govt of the people, by the people and for the people, all decisions and legislation are for the benefit of the people. The Constitution of India starts with the terms " We, the people of India", meaning the constitution is proposed by the people of India. The representatives sitting in parliament pass legislation only ON BEHALF OF THE PEOPLE,  not substituting them .. The people are supreme, not the representatives elected by the people for a five year period  !!

Dearth in Honesty to do one's own work is a malaise affecting our country now !

Students asked some good questions and he was happy to answer them, especially why the India against corruption movement is having a slow run now. He attributed it to the fatigue factor among the middle class and a short memory. But he was confident of the fact, the public still do not support corruption, though the outward support has waned as of now, a temporary phenomenon.

We lack feelings of compassion and concern for our fellow beings, we are just homo sapiens, not human beings. He quoted a Kannada proverb, become what you want to become, but first be a human being !!

He exhorted the students and faculty to "boycott people who are corrupt". (Let us ostracize them from our society ..). Let us not look at wealth to determine the status of a person. How legitimately one has earned wealth is the most crucial and deciding factor of all .. Legitimately earning wealth, as much as possible, is again a right of the people of India ..

Fighting the disease of "Greed over Need" is the need of the hour !!

The $1.46 trillion lying in Swiss banks and (which must have gone to some other banks abroad) needs to be repatriated to the country at the earliest .. When asked when he expects the Lok Pal bill to be passed, Justice Hegde was quick to reply that it would be done just before the elections in 2014 ..

Hope this movement gathers steam and India is cleansed of all undesirable, anti-social, anti-national  elements at the earliest, though the India Against Corruption Movement taking a political hue may cause lot of heartburn ..

To wrap up his talk , it was the lack of understanding of the word contentment and a desire to illegitimately acquire wealth beyond one's needs, that is the cause of all evil. We citizens have to act against this now and act we must !! He did not miss on stressing the need for having moral science / value education and civics to be taught in school to young children.

The sincerity and honesty of the person is evident from the fact that even after holding one of the most powerful posts in the state of Karnataka for over 5 years, Justice Hegde, even now, does not possess a plot of land or a housing site in Bangalore, only a two bed room flat for his family.

Sincerity and honesty is not for everyone sitting at the Bar.. There are distrustful people there too .. A lot of his respectful and honorable colleagues in the Karnataka High Court and even Supreme Court, had usurped such opportunities for their personal benefits, making them ineligible of the respect of the common man. Justice Hegde set the benchmark too high for them to reach or aspire for .. It is a pity that the same people whom we look up to show high standards of probity and integrity in public life, fail miserably to do so !

As a lone exception, Justice Santosh Hegde stands out from among the crowd !! He  is not only a proud son of Karnataka, but indeed of the entire nation !! One about whom I can always talk with pride to my grandchildren ..


Park at koramangala block 6

Sunday, September 02, 2012

The diff in presumptions between Catholics and Orthodox Christians as regards worship and service ....

I wanted to pen these thoughts for a long time, but somehow did not do it. Finally at some point it has to be done, let me relieve myself of the guilt of not doing it. The reference here is to the Indian Orthodox Christians in India ..

The Catholics, Orthodox Christians, Protestants  are the three main dominant Christian groups of the world and share the same lineage and genealogy for more than one thousand to one thousand five hundred years, and their basic beliefs and practices differ on some theological assumptions. Keeping them aside, in the sphere of spirituality and social service how these groups vie, collaborate or compete with each other is an important element which any Christian would be interested in knowing.

My present inquiry through this article is to throw some light on this aspect which interests the youngsters of today .. Some of these points ( from a layman's perspective) are  : ( these points came up in my discussions with a senior Cor Episcopa on 2 Sept, 2012) 

1. Stress on spirituality :  Orthodox believe in spirituality, worship, sanctity in the faith and total commitment, more than service, while Catholics give more importance to service than spiritualisation of the believers. True Christianity is not just spirituality, it should be a right mix of spirituality and service for the less fortunate sections of society. 

I am reminded of the saying  "An ounce of action is more heavier than a tonne of speech ". Does self-piety have a role to play here ?

2. Separate groups of priests for parish service and social service : The Catholics have different groups of priests who look to satisfy the needs of the believers, the parish priests and a different group to look after the great service they do to the society. These priests and nuns are not involved in any parish activity. For orthodox priests, there is no such classification. The same priests who are given the responsibility of managing the spiritual needs of the parish people also have to attend to other administrative and social service activities, if any are undertaken. 

3. Involvement of laity in all activities : Social service activities are undertaken by Catholic priests with great vigour and enthusiasm as they have less of interference from the laity, while for Orthodox, the system is more democratic, decisions are taken by consensus and hence, all such social service actions involve the laity too and they are vetoed down or run down by these same laity members. And some among us the laity are an INCORRIGIBLE LOT .. While the respectful and conscientious keep away from holding office out of modesty, not  indulging in issues and conflicts, the "nouveau riche" and those yearning for some or any sort of recognition, adorn committees, act irresponsibly causing undue hardship to everyone !

Some among the laity seem to forget the following biblical verses :  "Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be slave of all.  For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve."   Mark 10:43-45 (NIV)

4. Availability of time with unmarried priests : Provision for unmarried and Married priests in Orthodox faith  compared to only unmarried priests in Catholic faith, speaks a lot about the time and commitment Catholic priests are able to give to any venture in comparison to Orthodox priests. Protestant priests also have a similar problem regarding time and commitment as they also have the provision to marry or remain single.

While I also agree with the fact that faith and spiritually are important for doing true service, I do not think Orthodox Christians believe it to be true the other way round, that service is a must for true faith and belief. (Mother Teresa was a living example..) Even after having so much of spirituality in them, the Orthodox Christians are yet to make a presence in the service sphere for the downtrodden in society. All communities do have committed people doing it anyway, not generalising !! The name of the Orthodox Metropolitan, Late HG Geevarghese Mar Osthathios of the Niranom Diocese of the Orthodox Church, who during his lifetime. not being interested in power and positions within the church, was instrumental in starting  at least 15-20 social service organisations in the service sector, needs to be specially mentioned as a one off case ..

Even the Protestant Christians, the break away group from Catholics in 1500 AD, also only have a very nominal presence in the service field, in India, like St Stephens College, Delhi, Bishop Cotton school in Bangalore, Bombay Scottish in Mumbai and others. The problem with the new, aggressive born-again faiths, triggered by US dollars and Euros, are that they are more interested in finding a comfortable, firm place  in society and a firm source of revenue for themselves, than doing any service outside their fold.

The tragedy is that the more recent TV evangelists like Thangu, Dinakaran and Co., KP Yohannan,  MY Yohannan and the likes, have no interest in service of society than making a quick buck while the sun shines !! True spiritual entrepreneurs to the core !! Though they have been able to give some solace to a society running mad after material, worldly pleasures ..

It is an undeniable fact that Catholics are doing great, silent, yeomen service for the downtrodden in society and for promoting healthcare and education, across the country more than any other community for the past several decades, any Indian can vouch for this. I have been a personal recipient of their service throughout my life, as I do presume many of the readers also to be ..

With overriding stress on spirituality than on service of the downtrodden, are Orthodox Christians losing their relevance in the present world ? Can we initiate an open discussion and come up with ways and means to overcome this weakness ? There are valid points in the arguments from the Orthodox priests as well ..

Comments are welcome ..


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