Friday, August 10, 2012

Why is Police after the Marxists in Kerala ..?

If the Marxists killed innocent people years back out of vengeance and revenge, why should the Police get unduly worried ? M M Mani is such a popular leader in Idukki, is not the police in senses ?

If the Marxists threaten the police, they say, they do not actually mean it; only enforce it, they are just trying some goondagiri, why should the police get worried ? Why should the police charge cases against illiterate leaders of Marxist party on that ground ?

Why should the police target leaders of Marxist party accused of murders ? Very unfair, can't these leaders also live on this earth as the people whom they have murdered have the same rights ? Dead people are gone from this world, why worry about them, why should the Police unnecessarily invoke cases against the real accused after so many years and deny them the peace to live on this planet ..

Respect and give the murderers another chance to live on this earth. People of Kerala have to learn to forgive and forget, only in the case of Marxist party .. and we can assure you that Marxists will never forget any injustice meted out to them, I can assure you that they will hound their tormentors till their end ....

Only Marxists can bring true progress and development in the country .. as they have shown successfully in so many other countries of the world .. 

The predicament the police is in,  is the added proof these leaders shout from the rooftops to the people and the police of their complicity in earlier crimes, (though the leaders are trying hard to disown such murders saying exterminating dissenters and opponents is not Marxist policy, and washing the part's hand off all earlier brutal murders carried out by the party over the years !!). Even to this day the Marxist party has not publicly owned up to the murder of T P chandrasekhar, though ten to twelve top leaders of theirs is behind bars for their complicity in the crime ..

Let the leaders and anikal (followers)  in the party realise that the public are not asses, not to understand the gravity of these things ..


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