Saturday, August 18, 2012

Why Indians fail to rise above corruption ? An open Letter to President of India..

An Open letter to the President of India ..

18 August, 2012, 

Dear Respectful President of the country, 

I have to bother you with this problem which has been plaguing our nation for the past many years. In spite of so many governments, so many political parties, so many ideologies, the problem is yet to be solved.

This is a very serious question we need to ask of all Indians. Why is it that we are unable to rise above corruption when it comes to public activities / public natural resources when governmental regulations / interference etc is concerned.

Why is it that even the custodians to whom we have handed over to be in charge of our resources and its governance, falter so badly and are squandering it, trying to run away from reality ?

Why is it that we as Indians are unable to come over urge of grabbing personal benefits over societal benefits ? Why is it that we first think of self, before our fellow being, the society and the country ?

The CWG scam, The Adarsh scam,  the 2G scam and now the coalgate scam, I am getting really fearful, where the country is being taken by our very experienced politicians and leaders ..

Any one has a solution to this ?

In spite of all these negative actions, slowly and limping, we find the country is marching ahead.. It speaks of the indomitable mindset of the common Indian, on the road, farms, in factories, in mines and the hot sun, toiling day in and day out to eke out a living and see the next day with hope and conviction that one day this country will become big and this country will then benefit from all what they are doing now..

Our growth is in spite of what the politicians and the intelligentsia ( me, included) do or shout about from rooftops .. it is due to these poor people, the prime movers of the economy ..

My request to you Mr Pranab Mukherjee, President of the country, who is supposed to be a great luminary and politically experienced person, is to intervene in this and find a solution to this vexing problem facing the country. 

How long can we give charge or depend on inefficient people who are deceiving us and taking the country down the drains ?

Please help Sir ..!!

George Easaw

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