Thursday, August 09, 2012

The story of Mumbai Suburban rail in videos by BBC ..

Over-whelming, mind-blowing, astonishing, breath-taking, eye-popping, mind-boggling, startling, astounding .. Many feelings representing the same emotions connected with the city of Mumbai and Bombay Railways ..

The Oscar winning Slumdog Millionnaire had it as the theme of a romantic lovestory and continues to entice the whole of the country .. There is a world of life, hope, success and failure around these railway lines.

The first railway in India ran on 16 April 1853, between Victoria Terminus and Thane in Mumbai, 21 kms away ..

This series of videos shot by BBC on the Mumbai suburban rail system is nothing but a marvellous documentation of the grit, determination, wisdom and endless enterprise of the people of Mumbai fully depicting its truly cosmopolitan nature .. .. There is life and death here, hope and desperation, victory and defeat, affluence and poverty .. It is a sublime mix of all !!

I doubt there could be a better presentation of the life and soul of Mumbai than through these two sets of videos aptly named as The Pressure and Dreams respectively.

Mumbai does not belong just to India, it belongs to the whole world !!

Part 1 :  Pressure  ( 10 mins each..)

Part 2 : DREAMS (10 mins each..)


Having stayed and studied in Mumbai for a good six years of my life and having enjoyed the crowd, sunshine and rain of Mumbai, it is but natural for any Mumbaikar to feel nostalgic about his/her association with this great city of 20 million plus people ..

Thank you Mumbai .. you are as enchanting as ever !!

george ..

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