Monday, August 27, 2012

Setting up a Dolby 5.1 speakers for a Sony TZ 215 HTS ..

After a long time, one of my dreams is getting fulfilled ..

I have finally got a decent Home Theatre system at home a Sony 600 W (RMS) TZ 215, Home Theatre System .. I got the HTS from
DAV-TZ215-DVD Home Theatre System
The Sony TZ 215, Home Theatre System ..

These are the tech specs of the TZ 215 system from the Sony India site .. It is not as expensive as what friends flush with oil money or US dollars would buy, but it is an intelligent buy, to say the least .. If 1 INR could fetch $55, the scenario would have been totally different ..

Setting a Home Theatre System for superior quality sound is an art by itself. I have been going thru many sites offering tips on how to do this till I found the link from Dolby Systems itself, given below.

Ever since my two kids were growing up I have not used a decent sound system at home, as there was always a risk of damage. My original Philips system in 1990, with seperate amp, deck and tuner ran for ten years, till my daughter came in 1999. The new VCD Aiwa system bought from Mumbai lasted for barely 2 years till DVD came .. Then when everything was set, we kept moving from place to place and academic interests took priority over listening pleasure. Heavy expenses saw that money never came. !!

Speaker placement for the 5.1 HTS ..
The distance from the TV screen to the "sweet spot" is
app 6-8 ft, from ears to TV screen. The speakers height need
to be arranged at listening height, the rear surround L and R,
2 ft above the height of ears.. The sub woofer O/P which catches all
low freq sound at < 80 hz is non-directional and hence sub-woofer
placement is by  moving it around the room for proper bass.
Finally I am breaking the dry run now with the latest Sony 5.1 ( 2 Front speakers 200W RMS each, I central speaker 100 W RMS, 2 surround Speakers 200 W RMS each, 1 Sub-woofer 100W RMS) TZ 215 ..

I already have a 32" Toshiba LCD, HD ready to get best viewing quality. More than buying the most expensive audio systems around, it is very important how well we arrange the speakers to get a theatre like surround system in our homes, how simple be it .. Given that this system has both Dolby and DTS sound, and a perfect A/V amplifier built in, this is true value for money !!

From the reviews across flipkart and other sites, it is a great buy. Let me see.

How to set the speakers from audioholics .. (another link ..)

If I had some more money, as my b-i-law was cajoling me, could have gone for a slightly advanced set. ( He has a 7.1 fully home built system, Onkyo circuitry, with Bose speakers system ..) But then technology changes and one would not like to get checkmated with obsolete equipments if one spends a fortune on a sound system.

With covered floor and thick curtains covering the windows, with enough wall hangings, one can be assured of getting the best acoustic effect in the front room which ensures that there is no unnecessary reflection of sound waves in the room.

TV viewing at home is going to get a new meaning, as is DVD viewing ..


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