Friday, August 24, 2012

Lance Armstrong, disgraceful sports personality ..

To be from a land of sporting CONS and FRAUDS ..!! what a disgrace to the sporting world ? How Lance fooled thousands of his fans and supporters over the years !!


What a disgrace .. Lance Armstrong is set to lose all his 7 Tour de France titles !!
I am speaking for the other cyclists who lost to him .. How many cyclists' has he cheated and had their careers ruined ? His crusade against cancer ( as he suffered from testicular cancer and recovered from it totally) will suffer a big blow as ethically he is so weak. It will be seen only as a diversionary tactic to deflect attention from the drugs issue .. As reported in Times of India, , he has decided not to fight the case against him of having used performance enhancing drugs, as it was sapping his energy and time. ( a specious excuse though..)

Marian Jones was the other US athlete who was stripped of her  3G and 2 B medals from athletics in 2000 Olympics  after she was found to have used performance enhancing drugs.  

When the young people of the world are looking up to these stars as role models, there comes some startling revelations and down they go into the dustbin of history with lot of disgrace !!

This just goes to prove that man's quest to extend his/her performance to super-human levels has ethical issues too, besides the normal ones of continuous effort, dedication and hardwork ...  Roger Bannister, the neuro surgeon from England who for the first time in 1952, ran a mile under 4 minutes and put human endurance and strength to its limits, did it when performance enhancing drugs were not known to humanity.

Usain Bolt is so far above any doubts, let us hope he keeps up to the expectations of his fans and the sporting community and not ditch them in future....

Usian Bolt at 2008 Olympics ..2009 IAAF meet .. and 2012 Olympics ....

Sports personalities should understand a fact that they owe it not only to themselves, but also to future younger generations of the world to preserve the sanctity of sports and athletics, to help build a better, stronger, healthy world. Let them not succumb to temporal temptations of fame and glory and put their accomplishments and hardwork in the sport at risk and disgrace ..

Another issue for discussion is, why is this happening only to US athletes and sports personalities ? Is the pressure by society on them to perform, make a name and gain fame so much, that they have to resort to unfair means to defraud others ?? Why are "values in life" held so weakly and disdainfully in one of the greatest countries of the Post-Industrial era world ?

The sad fact is that the genuine ones among those left behind, feel cheated after a life of dedication and hardwork. They also have to go through the ignominy of being classified as one among the 'bad and the ugly ..', just because they are from US, the land of sporting frauds !

If only the sports anti-doping authority were vigilant enough, many such incidents could be avoided. When China gets Olympic medals, the American society raises doubts about their performance, whether it is doctored or chemically engineered. But no one can or should raise doubts about the US performance, because by nature, they are very sincere and hardworking and can never do anything against fairplay. Everything fraudulent there happens with such complexity and completeness, it is very difficult but for the most trained and experienced eye, with the most advanced technology to catch fraudsters. I sincerely hope this is not just the tip of the iceberg in sports frauds in US ..

As a sweet reminder, no one in the world can beat this financial con of the century, Bernie Madoff, for sure .. again from US .. Master swindler ..

Can the frauds please raise their hands ? My son still finds it difficult to believe that Lance, one of his greatest heroes, was indeed a great fraud .. He is stunned and is having a rethink on what for and why values like sincerity, hardwork, compassion, sportsman spirit etc .. should be there in life ?


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