Friday, August 10, 2012

Indian Taliban - Marxist party, CPIM ?

The brutal style cross examination, prosecution and killing of 23 year old Abdul Shukkoor in Kannur, Kerala in Feb this year is an example of instant justice meted by the Indian Taliban, Marxist party.

What is the legal system and police in the country for ?? How can a civilized party behave like this ?? Are they a law and country unto themselves ?

This is but a crude indication that the party does not believe in the rule of law and justice under the constitution. The party being led by uneducated school dropouts like P Jayarajan, the party is still solidly behind the Jayarajans, how can one ever expect in a literate state like Kerala this cycle of violence to ever end ?

They are a political entity by themselves, intolerant, dominating, brutal and dictatorial, let us call them CPI-MT, Communist Party of India, Marxist Taliban !!!!! (HQ not in China but Afghanistan).

An example of a rudderless party with no leadership and ideology, it will be an interesting sight to see the leaders themselves taking it to complete decimation !!

They have totally outlived their utility ... The leaders still do not realise this truth at all.. so sad ..

The collapse of this truly selfish and violent political entity in India will ba a good case for academic analysis...


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