Saturday, August 04, 2012

Huawei .. - a threat or a saviour ..

China's Huawei is now the world's largest telecom equipment manufacturer. It's 2G telecom networks fuelled Africa;s rise in mobile telephone penetration. It has also supplied 50 % of all 4G telecom equipments installed in Europe.

China's Haier is the world's largest white goods manufacturer ..

China's Lenovo is the world largest PC and laptop manufacturer ..

Feeling threatened ?? No need to worry, the avalanche has just started . ZTE, Huawei's competitor in China is next set to storm the world. Both are set to supply cheap, high quality, technically superior equipments which the world cannot resist !!

This leaves China with the capability to sneak into other countries networks and possibly make them dysfunctional during times of crises .. 

Just like the West tried Stuxnet virus to damage Iranian nuclear networks, ( the same fear is with the West that China also would use the same strategy against it..), China is open to entice the world with its ever low cost, high quality technical equipments and in turn flex its muscles to the outside world ..

The future is indeed interesting to watch regarding these developments ..


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