Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Curiosity in "Curiosity "

Curiosity, the Mars rover launched by US, has taken this image of Mars with Mt Sharp at a distance .. Shadow of Curiosity in front .. Can we get some indication of any organic molecule from Martian surface, which could possibly say that life once existed on this planet . . The next two years will say something in this regard. The Mars launcher to be sent by India next Dec will hopefully throw more light on Martian surface ..

An image taken by NASA's Mars science rover Curiosity shows what lies ahead for the rover --- its main science target, Mount Sharp, in this handout image released by NASA. The rover's shadow can be seen in the foreground, and the dark bands beyond are dunes. Rising up in the distance is the the distance is the highest peak Mount Sharp at a height of about 3.4 miles, taller than Mt. Whitney in California. The Curiosity team hopes to drive the rover to the mountain to investigate its lower layers, which scientists think hold clues to past environmental change. This image was captured by the rover's front left Hazard-Avoidance camera at full resolution shortly after it landed. It has been linearised to remove the distorted appearance that results from its fisheye lens.

A photo of Martian surface - to be preserved for posterity ..

Mars, first colour image, courtesy Dailymail and NASA ..

Courtesy NASA and Reuters ..


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