Monday, July 02, 2012

What is ailing our police forces .. ?

The ongoing investigations in the TPC murder case is going with full strength and commitment.  A very good thing .. But ... for how long, this is always a question that stares at our face ..

Why is it that the police force is so pliable during one government and more pliable during the other.. Why can't Kerala Police act with the same zeal and enthusiasm when the Marxists come to power ? Or , is policing party dependent ? Are there different versions of truth and justice for different parties in power ?

Do not know whether this time in Kerala, the investigations into the cases relating to the TP murder case will be taken to its logical conclusion. So far, the police has been acting with backbone and have been taking actions independently.. Will any vested interest in the present govt itself try to topple the case ?

The enquiry drags on for some time and then elections com, if a new govt takes over, what is the guarantee that the police chiefs then, will not act boldly and with conviction to complete the case and punish the guilty.

Why is it that the police are taking such huge somersaults when governments change ? Why are they acting against the criminals during one regime and go hands in gloves with the same criminals during another govt's regime ?

Can we trust the police ? If not, it is high time we did a shuffle in the police forces, kick all criminal elements and give them freedom to act in accordance with law.. No interference from any sources, power groups lobbies, etc should be permitted ..

If our police chiefs cannot give such an assurance, then we, the people have to think of some other arrangement which will see that police behave according to law and do not go against the country's and citizen's interest..

The Police should be taken fro the purview of the Home Minister, they should be under the joint control of the Governor and the Chief Minister. This request is being made because the different political parties are making a mockery of police when regimes change .. The police are not toys to be played around in the hands of the people. Unless we treat them with respect, they will fail in discharging their professional responsibilities with integrity and will be a burden to society than an asset.. 

The issue is same across the country. Why is it that nobody from the police forces recognises this threat to their respect and integrity and come with practical solutions which could be debated by the people and people's representatives and firm, effective steps taken to control this menace once and for ever ?? The people will support the IGP in this positive re-engineering of the police forces.. Let Kerala be a model to India ..

How long should our Police forces be made to compromise and surrender or swallow their self respect ? Let us initiate a public discussion and create awareness among the people regarding the need for police to maintain neutrality which ever party is in power. Remove politicisation and criminalisation of the police forces.

After the police are also one among us from the society and their loss of self-respect is ours too !!

Respect our Police Forces ..!!


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