Friday, July 06, 2012

Thank you media and Onchiyam Rekhakal ....

These days when I check the Internet for malayalam news. the first site I go is these days has changed ownership and is now under the editorial control of Times of India from Mumbai. The reporters have become more professional and in the very near future I very strongly feel Mathrubhumi will give Manorama a run for it's money. Though Manorama claims to have 98 lakh readers for its newspaper, that lead should be very short lived.

In the recent expose by the media, written and TV, of the connections of the Kerala Marxist leaders , right from the local committee to the State Committee in the murder of former CPIM leader and a true Communist T P Chandrasekhar , the Marxists have been accusing the media consisting of Mathrubhumi, Manorama, Manorama news TV, Asianet News TV and Indiavision TV of not siding with it to suppress the facts to the people of Kerala and instead shouting from the top of the roofs of their dirty hand in the murder. The moderate VS Achitanandan who has been advocating against violence on political opponents, is not going well with the young, violent, bloodthirsty, demoniac misled members of the Marxist party in Kerala. 

Even the cultural leaders of Kerala society have come out in very strong words against this massacre of human conscience by the marxists in the form of a collection of poems called Onchiyam rekhakal - Vettuvazhi kavithakal. Vettuvazhi means the usual senseless violent machete ways and high handed tactics adopted by the Marxists to supress public conscience and come out with a fascist mindset, reminding Stalinist days of Russia. 

With the media exposing these unscrupulous, third rate villians and their violent ways, the going is getting tough for them to come clean of all their wrong doings !! 

The media needs to be congratulated for being so vigilant and exposing these crooks !


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