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Sri Padmanabha Swamy temple .. Trivandrum ..

Wikipedia link of the temple ..

Padmanabha Swamy temple in full majesty in Trivandrum .. 

A few points ..
Ananta Padmanabha in his sayanam .. gold plated ..

1. The total worth of the treasures at Sri Padmanabha temple in Trivandrum is estimated conservatively to be about INR 10,000,000,000,000 ? INR ten trillion or one million crores or $ 200 billion .. .. (rechecked the no. of zeros..)

2. There are 1500 sarappoli malas. These chains emit light and are made of the most precious diamonds, precious stones and  priceless, each worth upward of a (couple of hundred) crores ? Only four or five chains have been inventoried so far ..

3. These treasures were collected in just 40 years between 1743 and 1778 AD by Anizham Thirunal Marthanda Varma (1729-1758 CE) as fines levied on the invading dutch and english navies who lost miserably to him, the first and only Indian king to do so ... Were these treasures plundered  by the Dutch and English colonisers, from other parts of the world ..? Read The Hindu article as proof ..
Anizham Tirunal , (1729-1758 CE) most adventurous and brave of Trv. Kings

4. Gemmologists are benumbed by these stones and are seeking international help to determine their true value ... ?? None of the are mined from Indian diamond mines !

5. Are these treasures  international heritage or national pride?

6. Was the kingdom of travancore such unimaginably influential, powerful and rich ? Did it have the combined wealth of all the other royal kingdoms in the country and  more powerful than any of them, yet be so modest and altruistic ? Else who could defeat both the Dutch and English armies in wars, as per my limited reading, no other Indian Kingdom had achieved this feat !!

7. Does the Vatican pale in significance in comparison ? Do the pharoahs of Egypt come anywhere near ?

8. Why is national geographic society NY not involved ?

9. Should the wealth be spent for the greater societal good ?

10. To build an MIT, it costs about $ 8 billion as endowments. Build 20 MITs in India or of equivalent value and still be left with some $40billion as change .. ?

11. God's own land ??

12.  Without gun powder, nuclear power, patents, over-consuming debts and an exploitative invading army treacherously dispossessing natives of their land, wealth and honor, how could the Maharajah of Travancore ever (dare) dream of amassing all this wealth and still lead a simple, frugal, altruistic life, totally detached from materialistic basal pleasures ? 

13. How can an insignificant eastern spiritual, respectful culture of say ten thousand years ever be superior to the 2000 year old materialistic, violent and pleasure seeking western culture and more so the 200 year old yankie, wandering, immigrant culture ? 

14. There is no evidence in history of India having mined so much of gold and precious stones. How did these gold, precious stones land on Indian shores ? With historical records clearly pointing that we have never invaded any other country throughout our history, unlike the Dutch, British, French, Portuguese and Chinese, how come all this gold and stones were in India ? Strong flourishing global trade would have resulted in this treasure remaining back ..

By 1700 AD when India was controlling 30% of global GDP and China another 25%, it was the onset of the Industrial revolution and a colonial mindset of the invaders which saw the turnaround of fortunes !! Check proof here ... 

Some of the biggest royal families in the country like Mughals, Gwalior, Jaipur, Baroda, Nawabs, Nizam and Mysore, all combined together, are all so trivial in comparison !!

If you ask some of the old timers from Trivandrum, including me, all will admit to one fact. There has been no benevolent royal family in Indian history than the royal family of Travancore. Who will otherwise donate INR 100 crores (over the years) for the Govt Medical College in Trivandrum and to build some of its super speciality centres and centres of excellence ..?

It was also once called by Swami Vivekananda as the mental asylum of the world ..

Another article on the travancore royal family ..


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