Friday, July 27, 2012

Inaugural Doctoral Student Consortium on Marketing at Alliance Uty , Bangalore


Theme : Research in Emerging Markets  ....

Sponsored by the American Marketing Association and Sheth Trust, the first Doctoral student  Consortium on Marketing outside of US is happening in Alliance University from today 27 July 2012, for three days.

Prof Jagdish Sheth ( ) is the main mentor for doctoral students at the consortium. There are app 100 or more students and fellows from almost 10 countries here. 

Details here ..

It is great to learn that the Chancellor of Alliance Uty Dr Madhukar Angur is inviting his former acquaintances and  is taking special interest in organising this doctoral student consortium as he is very much concerned about the student contributions to the field. Promoting the research climate, mentality and environment is a must for the growth and nourishment of students in an educational institution. The Institute is not known by the students produces like a teaching shop, it is known by the research contributions it makes. And I am really proud to be part of such an Institution.

Giants in the field, ( editors of 4 top marketing journals of the world are attending the conf) are sparing their time to give back to the society and community what they have taken from the society. A great gesture from the research faculty to the budding researchers. I do not know whether such activities do happen in the Operations stream in the world. Giants handholding budding researchers !!

And for the first time this consortium is being held outside of US and it is being held in Alliance Uty, Bangalore, India.


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