Saturday, July 28, 2012

Speed Dating at Marketing Doctoral Consortium at Alliance Uty ..

Speed dating on Day 1 for the selected doctoral students in Marketing to interact in short bursts with some of the greatest confluence of Marketing Researchers was a great opportunity for them.
Prof Kent Munroe (L) after the talk ..

View of hall and participants interacting ..

In a neatly arranged large hall with tables and chairs, about 30 Doctoral fellows ( the Marketing brains from the world including editors from top 4 Marketing Journals of the world)) and the selected Marketing doctoral students from different countries of the world interact with each other for about five minutes each randomly, in such a away that each doctoral fellow gets to briefly listen to and critically review the work individually of a minimum of ten other doctoral students and a doctoral student gets to explain and listen to critical reviews of his chosen area of working from at least ten doctoral fellows.

This was a very unique experience in the Indian context. Both the fellows and the students get to listen to rich, potential research ideas and reviews in emerging research areas. What to look out for , what to avoid, basically coming from the experience of a life time in Marketing research of a fellow. A reaffirmation of the research proposals .. A win - win for both the parties..

The inaugural speech by Prof JagdishSheth ( Jag) , Emory Uty and an invigorating talk sharing the learning and wisdom of a life time spent on research by Dr Kent Munroe, University of Illionois, was by itself worth all effort and time attending this Consortium. Some of the best intellectual discourses I have ever listened to !! Rest everything to be served during the Consortium is Bonus !!! Thanks to the brains who thought of this unique interaction !!

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