Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The shame and heavy weight of a pricking conscience ..

I can understand the misery of the kerala Marxists as they hang their heads in shame and desperation, on their complicity in more and more murders perfectly executed out of the Marxist slaughter houses and execution chambers from kannur, getting exposed every day. It perfectly reminds everyone of their fascist, destructive mindset.

All their efforts at intimidating and threatening police and judicial officers, not to speak of their attempts to silence the media, getting exposed, is adding worry to this shame..

Each passing day ordinary Malayalis who were subject to the cruelty of the Marxist violence are getting the courage to speak openly against the Marxists and complain to the top Police Officers.

The Marxists never in their wildest dreams ever thought that these highhanded murders which went undetected about thirty to forty years back and which were thought to have got washed out in the tide of time, would come to haunt them like never before.

I am reminded of the famous saying, 'Those who live by the sword, shall die by it "

It brings to the forefront another big philosophical question, in the life cycle of any organisation or outfit, do these things happen in the stabilising stage, maturity stage or decaying stage ? Is Marxian thoughts and ideology getting itself distanced from the people more and more with each passing day when such revelations of the cruelty comes to the fore ? How many more years can we expect Marxism to be in this country when all over the world it has sunk into oblivion and vanished from the scene leaving barely a mark in the time line of history ??

Only a series of extreme steps to  silence people who matter in the investigation, will help them now. And they wouldn't mind going that extra mile ..


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