Monday, July 23, 2012

An obituary for Saly Panicker .., my cousin sister ..

“To live in hearts we leave behind, is not to die.” 
 - Thomas Campbell
It was shocking to hear of the demise of my cousin sister, Salymama in Houston, Texas, US, daughter of late Mr. Mathai Jacob and late Leelamma Jacob, (my uncle and aunty), Idavoor Puthen Veedu, Chennithala, Mavelikara, Kerala, last night, 22 July 2012, after suffering a cardiac attack ..

Our sincere prayers to God, May her soul rest in peace .. At 50 years, it was very early for this to happen .. But God's ways are incomprehensible !!

I remember Salymama at a very young age when we used to go to Chennithala for our family get-together every two or three years. This was also the time when our uncle, Achankunjuppappan from US used to visit us. At that time Salymama, young, used to be more than a helping hand to her late mother, hardworking, loving and very affectionate !! Those are my memories of Salymama at a young age.

She had a very happy childhood, though a very busy one. All her siblings will agree that she was indeed a second mother at home.

If my memory is correct, Salymama wanted to start her Pharma studies at the Trivandrum Medical College by securing admission to DPharm course in the early 80s. Not sure whether she pursued it .. For a few days she was staying at our house in Ulloor. I very vividly remember those days. She was such a bubbly, lovable character, loving and affectionate,  no falsehood, always true to her words .. Later on she continued her Pharma studies in US and was turning out very successful in her career.

On job and studies, I was away from home and could not attend her marriage. But we made it a point to be in touch with each other over  email.

Salymama made it a point to visit all elderly relatives during each of her visits to India. My parents and Salymama's aunty in Fort Kochi, now almost in their late eighties, were so happy with her visits, she used to meet them whenever she came to Kerala. She was one of the very few cousins who could afford and did visit Kerala once or twice in a year till her last visit almost a year back.

Salymama leaves behind her loving husband and three kids. Their doting uncles will always be available to help them at all stages in life. Achayan ( Salymama's husband) will find this a hard time in life and we pray to God to guide them through these troubled times..  our full support for the bereaved family..

The sudden demise is shocking to say the least. She will be remembered in our prayers for a very long time to come. Let God give the family courage and strength to tide over this extreme crisis in their family. 

Funeral will be at :
St. Ignasius Jacobite Orthodox Syrian Church, Payattuvila, Nedumpaikkulam, Kundara tentatively scheduled for Monday 30 July, 2012, afternoon with Bawa Thirumeni leading the prayers ..


  1. V.J.MATHEW9:28 AM

    It's nice atleaset after the sad death of saly people are remembering the young school going girl working in the kitchen even late in the night, in helping her late mother to make all the guests at the house so happy and comfortable . I appreciate atleast your frankness in admitting the fact that many used to overlook the efforts, pain and hard work she used to put up at such a very young age in life.

    I believe that we ought to have appreciated and acknowledged people like saly who have suffered, cared and adjusted for guestS / others to make them happy and comfortable . There is no meaning in acknowledging after the death.

    At this stage we can only remember saly and the good old days and express our condolences to the family members and extend gratitude to those similar , suffered for others.


    1. Thank you Thampichayan for the kind words.. Salymama through her life enriched the lives of many others around her.. and she will be fondly remembered by all her near and dear for a long time to come ..

  2. Anonymous8:59 PM

    this is a very sad thing ..

  3. Alice G Vaidyan9:19 PM

    Jokutty, that was a moving tribute, it brought both tears and a gush of fond memories of a loving and caring cousin who along with her late mother used to selflessly make guests comfortable at our ancestral home , expecting nothing in return! I remember we would at times turn up without notice and after meal times were over-- yet there would always be a feast on the dining table! I wished I had thanked her enough then!

    Unlike you ,Jokutty, I did not keep in touch with her as I was out of Kerala and due to preoccupation with work and family.I did though get news of Saly and her family from Daddy and Mummy , on my trips home.Though time has blurred memories over the years, I distinctly remember the homely person she was , with her quiet patience.

    Saly will always be remembered in our prayers and may her loving memories be a guiding light to her family. May her soul rest in peace!

  4. Thank you sis for the kind words .. Salymama's memories will remain fresh as ever in our memories ..


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