Monday, July 16, 2012

Good academic governance / admin systems in place in Indian Univs ..

Recently while talking to a friend in a prominent Uty in Bangalore, I was surprised to find them using three strong, effective innovations / improvements in the academic process.

1. Moodle 'Open Source' software E-learning systems - most of the top Univs do use them now, including IITs and IIMs...

2. Teaching Assistant : Though this is a process which is quite common in foreign Univs and IITs in India, I am hearing this being used in Universities under UGC for the first time here... The Teaching Assitant also accompanies the teacher and helps in correcting assignments, preparing presentations, collecting and analysing feedbacks from students, administering quizzes etc.. This releases the faculty to concentrate more on how to deliver value to the students and to carry out research.

3. Student feedback : This is taken after every course is over, even after the exams, to know how good was the paper, taking feedback from students whether they need improvement papers, extra classes etc..

In short, these are steps whereby the students feel the education system is getting more student friendly and concentrating on delivering more value to students and helping them to attain their goals in life ..


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