Friday, June 29, 2012

TP murder investigation and the many fallouts ..

This morning the news from mathrubhumi was very interesting as for the first time, the arrests in the TP murder have gone frpm local and area committees to the district committees.. 

What was even more interesting was the hartal declared by the Marxist party in Kozhikode to protest the arrest of a party leader who has been convicted of being party to a murder of member of a splinter party. 

Is this a democratic way of showing dissent ? Preventing the daily free movements of the people and causing them great inconveniences ? All to protect a wrongdoer ?? If he is not a wrongdoer, why can't they tackle the case in court legally instead of taking to the streets and causing so much nuisance and violence on the roads ..

There is all likelihood of this hartal going violent, it just needs a stone throw from a protestor against the police. 

Is this right way for the CPM party leaders to show that it stands for truth and justice in the society ? When their comrades are convicted in murder crimes, instead of helping them to cover up the crime, confront the police and disturb the law and order, do not the leaders have a moral obligation to society to see that peace is maintained in society ?

Earlier the Marxists used to say that it is only the Manorama newspaper which was against it, now both Manorama and Mathrubhumi have gone against it. With Mathrubhumi under the control of Times of India, the newspaper can now only stand to professionally report facts and not play second fiddle to the comrades and their wrongdoings.

The people are watching and I am sure they will not take lightly to all such violations of their personal liberty. The days of militant highhandedness is over. If the party comrades are not willing to change, they will get doomed with the party in the Arabian sea, and thrown into the dustbin of history .. Let them instead read some books on history and not just gulp daily from Das Capital and party newspapers ..


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