Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Time pulls down the marxist face mask ..

It is indeed shocking to read the daily disclosures by the police, CBI and media of the excesses and high handedness of the marxist party in kerala over the past thirty years ..
The revelations of how they have carried out cold blooded murders and threatened witnesses of dire consequences if they spoke against the party in court and thus help comrades to escape punishment by law with the active connivance of the top marxist leaders in the state, speaks volumes of their criminal mindset, ideology and their very selfishness of allowing only one party and thoughts to flourish in rhe state. Is this what Karl Marx propagated in the guise of helping the downtrodden in society ?
Whatever little consideration society had for these people is now completely lost and wasted by the conduct of their comrades.
If terrorising the society is one way of imposing party dictates, then this is nothing but terrorism of the first kind .. This is to be condemned with all force by the society.
When we look back and see that  these people were allowed to have their say living in our society, a great guilt descends on every one of us. How can civilized people descend to such cruel pasttimes to achieve their selfish ends ?
Do they, the Marxist party followers, deserve to live in any civilized democratic society and be permitted to misuse and abuse the trust of the society ?
My heart bleeds for the victims of the political murders in kerala over the past forty years ? Who will listen to their silent cries for justice in the hope of a good, just  society in kerala ?
Did the society err ?
How long can the party leaders pretend that they are not involved in these cases ? One day truth will come out, that is certain ..!!

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